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The application case of quartz, a family to decorate again

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Our quartz products mainly has the following advantages:

Anchor scraping is not folded
Quartz, the quartz content as high as 93%, quartz crystal hardness is second only to diamond is the nature of natural minerals, its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 mohs hardness, greater than the kitchen knife shovels, etc, for use in this won't be the scrape.
Anchor point polluting the folding
Quartz is under vacuum conditions in manufacturing the same, dense non-porous composite material, the surface of quartz to kitchen has excellent corrosion resistance, such as ph, daily use liquid substance will not penetrate its internal, for a long time on the surface of the liquid with water or clean and bright such as cleaner can be erased by rag, stranded on the surface of the blade away if necessary.
The anchor point with ?
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